Tarot of the Colombian Magical Soul

Inspired by the characters of Gabriel García Márquez

Where is Macondo? As well as “El Dorado”, Comala, Atlantis, Camelot, the Emerald City and a thousand other mythical places that have been described and imagined throughout history by writers, artists, adventurers and dreamers. The quest for Macondo magic holds a special place in the hearts of those who wish to find it.

The Macondo Tarot can serve as a compass along the way. Welcome to Macondo!

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Macondo Tarot

It is a unique deck mixing the wisdom of the arcana of the classic tarot, with the mestizo and fantastic imaginary of the new world. Full of cheerful, colorful and surreal images that represent all the ‘Macondian’ magic through powerful symbols: Yellow Butterflies, Goldfish, Tears and Tropical Flowers.

This deluxe edition is made up of 80 cards in a generous size of 2.75× 4.7in, with details in golden foil that make this Tarot an exquisite object, which will also be accompanied by an explanatory booklet to help you understand everything you need: the story of this tarot, the readings layouts and the meanings of its images. With this you can start playing and imagining.

About the Author

When I turned 18, my parents gifted me with my first deck of tarot cards. I discovered one of my greatest passions from that moment on: traveling around to world to research ancient tarot decks found in different museum collections. I have remained fascinated by their symbols and I love to learn the history behind this mysterious imagination machine.

ANDRÉS MARQUÍNEZ CASAS, author of the Macondo Tarot, is a graphic designer and illustrator who grew up dividing his time between his two cultures in Colombia and Spain.

The Macondo Tarot was nominated and selected as Kickstarter’s “Project We Love” and was successfully funded thanks to the support of family, friends, fans and backers between September 30 and October 30, 2022. Now, you can hold it in your hands!

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