About the Macondo Tarot

Card decks are games and interesting literary objects appreciated by tarot readers, card collectors and enthusiasts, and those interested in the world of the occult and mysterious. This deck may also interest readers of Gabriel García Márquez as well as Latin American magical realism enthusiasts and those who love Colombia.

Andrés Marquínez, author of the Macondo Tarot and The Parchments of Melquíades, is a graphic designer and illustrator, as well as a García Márquez fan and tarot enthusiast. He’s lived in Colombia and Spain, his two countries, and he’s travelled around the world to see ancient tarot decks in museums and private collections. mrquinez.com IG: @mrquinez


Gustavo Mesa, web developer. The author’s right-hand man, multi-task person, good cousin and better professional. gustavoamesa17@gmail.com

Miguel Ugalde, system and product designer. The strategic and organisational mind behind this campaign. ugalde.es IG: @ugalde.work

Patricia Melo, editorial designer who’s managed, with her fine eye and taste for detail, to make The Parchments of Melquíades and booklets accompanying the tarot a truly beautiful work of art. pattolito@gmail.com

César Puertas, author of the Buendía font family, proudly Macondian! Typograma.com

Ana Prescott, English translator of The Parchments of Melquíades and our fun in-house fortune-teller. prescottarot.com IG: @prescottarot

Angela Blanc, photographer and graphic designer specialised in textile design. She advised us throughout the making of the beautiful and colorful Macondo Tarot reading cloth. litablanc.com IG: @angelita_blanc

Juan de la Rosa, university professor in design, Advisor to the first illustrations, we owe him so much more than the artwork’s inking. LI: jadelarosam

John Vargas Beltrán, author of the precious Macondo font family. LI: jvbfonts y myfonts.com

Andrés Martorell LI: andresmartorellguionista, Gonzalo Perdomo (filmmaker, editor, and cameraman), Alex Sánchez (motion graphics IG: @casa_de_fieras. These three professionals created the promotional video for the Macondo Tarot.

Francisco Rodríguez, photographer and graphic designer, and production consultant with the tarot prototypes. btbcomunicacion.com

María Constanza González y Mónica Torres, lawyers specializing in copyright. mpoderandotucreacion@gmail.com

Carolina Giraldo, industrial and jewellery design and rendering of the 3D buttons. festivodesign.com

Julie Siemens y Esperanza Álvarez, professors and consultants with the English translations and the promotional video. Thanks a lot!

A Torell, Juan Fernández, María José Rodríguez, Claudia Ramírez, Ana Pachón, Jody Parra, Alejandra Rojas y Xavy, thanks for your corrections and assessment with the copywriting and texts in the book. And thank you for your sincere help.

The Macondo Tarot is a deck of cards inspired by Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. It pays homage to Colombia’s passionate culture and magical soul.

Just as el Dorado, Comala, Atlantis, Camelot, the Emerald City and a thousand places imagined by writers, artists, adventures and dreamers, Macondo holds a special place in the hearts of whomever wishes to find it. The Macondo Tarot may serve as compass along the way.


To my parents, my family, teachers, friends for supporting this project since its conception. And to all of them, and especially to the fans and backers who have given me their trust and financial support to fund the Kickstarter campaign (September 22 – October 30, 2022).

A Macondian hug!