The Parchments of Melquíades is a deluxe, large-format book that explains the creation and story of the Macondo Tarot and includes full-color illustrations. Both this book and its accompanying deck have come to light in hopes that they will entertain, serve as tribute, and allow users to participate in the mysteries suggested by Colombia’s magical realism.


“Meme felt herself splashing in a bog of hesitation from which she could only be rescued, as occurred to her in dreams, by that man smelling of grease whom she could barely see in the shadows. (…) …as he was lifting up the tiles to get into the bathroom where Meme was waiting for him, naked and trembling with love among the scorpions and butterflies as she had done almost every night for the past few months.”

Hope, optimism, will and passion for life and dreams, live on facing the harsh realities of quotidian existence. Latin American culture is, in spite of it all, a hopeful culture where everything is yet to happen and where we can still surprise each other with imaginative solutions and unexpected miracles. It is a culture where time has a way of shortening or stretching itself depending on how interesting the meeting is, how fun the party, or the haste to arrive to work or meet a lover.

The Goldfish

In Colombia’s Rio Grande de la Magdalena there has been a natural phenomenon for centuries: the fish swim up from the swamps to the head of the river. The arrival of the fish represents the end of a period of hunger, it is a symbol of abundance, commerce, a propitious moment to barter and trade and, ultimately, to make money. Of the people dedicate themselves to fishing, we can highlight certain qualities: their focus, patience, and physical stamina, and we can transpose these qualities onto their symbol. The qualities also follow, in abstract terms: the work of the alchemist and the transmutation of metals into gold; the precious labor of artisan goldsmiths; and the mystical value that pre-Columbian natives would give gold as an offer to the gods.

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